How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in joining BO-LD! Please follow the below procedure to submit your application.

Step 1: Create your TEST Auth Account

Visit and create an auth account on the TEST Auth platform.

Step 2: Add ALL of your Characters

In the TEST Auth Platform, submit the ESI for ALL of your Characters as TEST Alliance Characters:

Step 3: Select your MAIN Character

In the TEST Auth Platform, ensure your main character is selected. If it is not, please select it by clicking the button shown in the below image:

Step 4: Apply to BO-LD in TEST Auth

In the TEST Auth Platform, click the HR option from the top menu. When the next page loads, click "Create an application" from the options, selecting "Brave Operations - Lollipop Division" as the corporation you wish to apply to.

Step 5: Complete the BO-LD Application Form

Click the below button to open the BO-LD Application Survey. Once you have completed the survey, your application is complete. We endeavour to reply to all applications within 48 hours.

BO-LD Application Survey Form